Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saying goodbye to my best friend….

How do you say goodbye to the most pure and loving creature on this entire Earth? We got Kodie the summer after my sophmore year in high school. He was so cute and looked like a siberian husky with floppy ears and short hair. When he was little he and got really excited, he wagged his tail so hard it would go in these big circles that would make his rear end shake like he was dancing. He was beautiful. Kodie was the most obedient, and happy dog I have ever known. He never met a stranger and loved everyone! He knew when to have a gentle touch when a baby gave him a treat. He LOVED attention and kisses on the lips and being scratched on the end of his back by the top of his tail. HE also LOOOVED chasing squirrels!!I remember how I missed him my freshman year of college when I left for Nacadoches. I plastered my wall with pictures of him!kodie IMG_4781

I couldn’t wait to see him every time I came home he would almost knock me over he was so excited to see me! HE never smelled bad, and was always careful not to step on you when he was on your bed. HE loved treats and got along with every kind of animal including cats. kodie


Here is a picture of him with Jimmy when we were in high school!!


Kodie is 14 years old now. That is 98 in dog years. He was nearly blind, completely deaf , kidneys were failing, and had an enlarged heart. He was suffering in silence and the medicine only masked the pain and suffering he was enduring.

He was a strong dog.

The day I took the photo above he ran out into the street after a squirrel and hit a car as it screeched on the brakes. I screamed at the top of my lungs bawling and followed him as he turned from the car and ran back inside the house. He was completely unharmed!! Jimmy came in and told me the owner of the car wanted to talk to me. I went back out to find that Kodie had completly dented in her passenger side door! We had to pay for the damage!

Yesterday my parents had to make the difficult decision to end Kodie’s suffering. To give him the releif that he needed after giving us 14 years of unconditional love. He was the most loyal companion and gentle sweet spirit. I took June over to my parents to say goodbye. I dug my hands deep into his furry neck as his ears went back and tail wagged. Goodbye, my sweet, Kodie. Thank you. Thank you for always being there to hug when I needed to hold you, thank you for listening to me cry when catching the tears on your nose as you licked my face. You could always sense when someone was sad. You would climb your big self up in their lap and forse your big slobbery kisses in their face. I m glad that mom and dad were there holding you close so you could feel their hands on you when you took your final breath and your heart stopped, because you never left OUR side. Even though I will never feel your touch, I will always cherish the memories I have in my heart and feel like I was blessed to have you. I picked you. You will never be far from my thoughts, Kodie. Rest in Peace my sweet sweet boy. 

These pictures were taken the night before we laid our sweet boy to rest

kodie2 kodie


Kelly said...

aaawww i am so sorry. that is the HARDEST thing to do! i have been there. hugs to you guys! he looked like a very sweet doggie :)

Brewer Fam said...

Awww Nat! I am so sorry!! I am bawling! I feel so bad for you and your family. It never gets any easier. I wish I could say it does....If I can do anything to help let me know. Love you!

Elizabeth Hibbetts said...

Natalie-I am so sorry for your loss. I love what you wrote about Kody, you relayed to everyone what a truly special dog he was. I love you and take care.