Sunday, July 19, 2009

week at the beach

Okay so I havn't updated this blog basicly all summer so I have alot to catch up on. We haven't had internet access for two and a half months, so I'll start tonight with our wonderful trip to the beach. We spent a week in Galveston in June of total relaxation.

We ate tons of food all day long!

...and chilled inside the beach house when we wern't chasing babies on the beach.

Jimmy cought some delicious trout

Here's June playing with her cousin Sophie

Corbin carried around these little plastic sand molds all week

and Claire basicly tortured June all week long

June really liked Daddy's fish until it started jumping on the ice and really freaked her out!

This is my favorite shot of the week. June had had enough of the abuse from Claire and ten seconds after Claire put a glob of sand on her head and pushed her over, June reared up grunted and body slammed Claire in the sand with her naked self. We have never before or since seen her do anything like that and we all got a good laugh!

Here's Jimmy fishing as dolphins were swimming around him one morning!

We had such a great trip! Yesterday was June's birthday so I will post that tommorrow