Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy First Birthday Shelby


Dear Shelby, yesterday was the one year anniversary of your birth! I cannot believe you are only one sometimes because it feels like you have been in my life forever. It also feels like it was just the other day that I brought my tiny girl home from the hospital! You are remarkably precious, insanely sweet, and infectiously joyful. You are like a tiny angel that flew down from heaven straight into my arms, into my care, on loan to me and your daddy from your father creator God above! You shine, my sweet Shelby Grace!


What a wonderful Christmas present you were!!


My love for you is beyond words, Shelby, you are closer than my breath, always on my mind, and since you came into my world, I know joy greater than I could have ever imagined!


You smiled from day one! I think you were still seeing angels as you slept.


You are one year old now! What an awesome year it has been with you!

birthdaygirl edit5 

Lisbeth made you this beautiful cake that you LOVED!


You had so much fun playing with your cousins!

edit11 edit12

Your sister, Junie, ate lots of cookies, fudge, and cake, and this was the result…don’t blink or you’ll miss her!!


She especially liked Tyler!


Your friend Ellie played with you outside,


…and showed off her new teeth! WOW


You love your Nannie so much,


Grandpa  too! Grammy and Pa were there too and Aunt Sara and Celine and Uncle Joe and Chris, but mommy was too busy to get photos of everyone. I was making sure you were happy, fed, and safe…


Daddy loves his little princess Shelby!!


HAppy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Shelby, Happy Birthday to you my sweet Shelby!!

edit16 edit17 edit18 edit19 edit20 puff

After pizza and cake, you opened presents and then Nannie brought this dress that mommie wore on her first birthday! You looked so pretty in mommies dress!

edit21 edit1 edit2 

Happy Birthday to my sweet Shelby, and thank you to all of my family for coming over and sharing this special day with us!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am so glad that school is out. I have been sooooooooo busy at work and love that I can just relax and take a break and enjoy the the time of our Savior’s birth. Thursday the 16th, I had a photo shoot with my babsitter, Juanita, and her family. I love her. She loves my babies and they love her. It is so wonderful being able to go to work and know your babies are in good hands. June LOVES her husband, Jesus, and her daughters too! I just love this whole family!

gutierrezes_edited-2 copy

June’s new thing is the clothes battle. She refuses to wear clothes. When we put her in her bed, she tears them off the minute we close the door and refuses to lay under a blanket. I was folding laundry the other day while June was playing and within a few minutes I found her like this…How do I get her to wear clothes? Any tips?


Friday, after my car broke down and Celine came to get us, we went to the park with all the cousins for me to take the Christmas photo in their wedding dresses from their Uncle Joseph’s wedding. It took about 400 pictures before we finally got one semi good shot with every body looking!


Most of the photos look something like this!


Afterwards we came back to the house for the annual ornament decorationg party. After cupcakes, pizza, and tons of candy at the photo shoot, the kids were REALLY wound up!


Here are a few of the adorable ornaments the girls made. June especially LOVED the glitter!

o1   o2 o3 o4

Shelby is going to be one next week and I cannot beleive it! She has 8 teeth and LOVES her passy. She eats EVERYTHING except baby food. She likes to watch the Wonder Pets and be carried in my arms everywhere. She will take a few steps at a time but prefers crawling. She says, “mama” “stop” and “wow” She has enjoyed playing in the leaves lately!

IMG_1365   puffleaves leaves joyful 

Yesterday Lindsay came over with Cooper and Camilla for a little bit. It was a fun time other than being stressed about having my car towed only to find out we are gonna have to pay a HUGE amount to get it fixed. What a bummer right before Christmas!

IMG_1487 IMG_1488 IMG_1516

Camilla and Shelby


June has recently started playing with Shelby which is soooooo cute, but….


it isn’t always fun loving..


And it usually ends like this. We are working on it.


It’s a good think Shelby is pretty tough and resilient!


I think one day she will love her sister! I love this picture of them together. It took bribes of candy and was in no way initiated by June, but you can feel the love!

o6 puff2 08 puff4

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Sunday night, I was out with my friend, Missy and we happened to see a living nativity on the side of the road. It was soooooo cool with animals that the kids got to pet! June said “HAppy Birthday, Jesus” She was so excited to see a real baby as Jesus. There was a show and a huge camel came out with three wise men and KNEELED in front of the baby Jesus! It gave me goosebumps! There were angels singing and really pretty music as a narrator told the story of Christ’s birth! We will be making this a tradition to go to as they do it every year