Monday, August 24, 2009

1st Day Back at School

Today was my first day back at school and I just finished my last class!! Oh how I miss my little girl and cannot wait to go pick her up!!! This is going to be a long week, but the kids were really good and are very excited about the art we are doing this year!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunday fun at Celine's

Okay so I just posted a post meant for this blog on my other blog so be sure to check out
Sunday we went to Aunt Celine's to swim and have dinner.
It was so much fun and June is walking EVERYWHERE now!!!

Here's June with Aunt Cece!!

Sophie had this really fun water park with fountains and a slide that the kids had a total blast playing in! Claire didn't really like pool so she swang on the swingset and I didn't get a pic of her. You can see Corby in the background playing with the girls.

We ate delicious hotdogs and hamburgers, cookies, and MawMaw made a delicious fruit tray. Here's June begging Grammy to give her more food. Whenever she sees food she wants it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

June's first steps!!!

Up until two days ago, June has showed zero interest in walking. Yesterday June took a few unassisted steps and Jimmy and I were thrilled! Today Nana's, I caught June on video taking lots of steps! I actually teared up when I was taking this video! Later today she stood up by herself and walked across my mom's kitchen!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hangin with June bug

Ok I put a few new posts tonight and it took forever can someone give me tips on how to make the picture downloading go faster?? Okay June is almost 13 months now and she babbles all the time with very voice inflected nonsense words and its pretty funny. She has NO interest in walking so the "first steps" post will not be for awhile!

We are trying to get June used to the idea of "baby" since she will be having a baby SISTER some time around Jan1st. Here she hugs the baby just seconds before..
throwing it across the room and sitting in its chair.

"Oh wow look at all these cute babies sleeping in the bed."

"This bed is too big for you bonnet head, you'll be the first to go!"

"You can stay, cabbage patch"

"Peekaboo anyone??"

Wednesday night Jill and Uncle Lee came over to visit and we watched Mall Cop. June Looooooved Leroy and would pull on his legs until he piked her up and read her a book.

June likes playing with the the ferrets. Sometimes I let them out whie I'm doing laundry and they hide from the big monster June! Here's Francine hiding in the laundry basket!

Caleb's Birthday

Today we went to Huong and Eric's baby Caleb's birthday at Gymboree. Here's Caleb playing with wiffle balls!
June and Caleb
June wasn't sure of the tunnel at first but later she seemed to like it

June was one of the only girl babies at the party! She didn't mind a bit.

At the end of the party June fell off a scooter and busted her lip pretty bad. It looked really horrible and almost made me cry!! She sucked on some ice and was good as new in about five minutes.

Friday, August 7, 2009

June's First Birthday!

I am a little late in posting this but our little Junie turned one on July 18th! We thank the Lord for our precious gift and have had the best year ever with the new addition to our family!!

We had a little party for her and it was puppy dog themed!!

Here's Junie with Uncle Marcus!

June put icing all over Keke's face! Keke got to spend a month with us this summer and I miss her soooooo much! Junie misses her big sis too!

Here is Junie with her great grandma MawMaw!!

Junie finally likes her Aunt Sara!

Junie loves her Grammy too! Here's Grammy with cousin Claire and Junie.

Sophie is a big girl walker now! It is so stinkin cute to watch her walking around!

Keosha made June this adorable dog house for her birthday which is still in our living room and she plays in it every day!

She devoured her homade strawberry cake and strawberry pupcakes that mommy and Nana made!

Here's Junie with Auntie Brooke!

June enjoyed opening her presents and got so many fun things to play with and wear!

These are June's pupcakes with tootsie roll ears

We had a fun day! Auntie Jill surprised us from Waco and then Uncle Lee and Auntie Sara came and hung out that evening and we played until June passed out on the living room floor.