Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hangin with June bug

Ok I put a few new posts tonight and it took forever can someone give me tips on how to make the picture downloading go faster?? Okay June is almost 13 months now and she babbles all the time with very voice inflected nonsense words and its pretty funny. She has NO interest in walking so the "first steps" post will not be for awhile!

We are trying to get June used to the idea of "baby" since she will be having a baby SISTER some time around Jan1st. Here she hugs the baby just seconds before..
throwing it across the room and sitting in its chair.

"Oh wow look at all these cute babies sleeping in the bed."

"This bed is too big for you bonnet head, you'll be the first to go!"

"You can stay, cabbage patch"

"Peekaboo anyone??"

Wednesday night Jill and Uncle Lee came over to visit and we watched Mall Cop. June Looooooved Leroy and would pull on his legs until he piked her up and read her a book.

June likes playing with the the ferrets. Sometimes I let them out whie I'm doing laundry and they hide from the big monster June! Here's Francine hiding in the laundry basket!

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Barrow Family said...

June has been taking hints from Claire on how to rough house with will be claire and june vs. baby and baby