Saturday, January 31, 2009

June's first creative marks!

Today Jimmy and I went to an art Gallery to see my friend's art show. June enjoyed the art and thus gave me the idea to let June experience painting for the first time! Tonight June made her first creative marks! I am not sure if June will be artistic, but she definatly got excited about painting! When she gets excited she holds her arms out and does these short loud breaths kind of like a dog panting, and smiles really big. She was doing that the whole time! First, we tried the brush but she couldn't hold it well. Then, we printed her little hands and feet on the canvas. Then since she wasn't putting her hands in her mouth, we just let her go wild with her hands on the canvas!

She liked the colors and opening and closing her little fingers on the canvas!

I love this picture, she is so focused on her creation!

Here is the proud artist displaying her work! Celine, you can't compliment on how clean that high chair is now!

June also made creative marks on her thighs and diaper

I can't beleive how fabulous my feet look in blue paint, I don't even recognize them

Then into the tub she went, June's bath water left a creation of its own on our tub, but it was really worth it for the fun we had!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today at the park

Today June and I went to the park to relax and hang out. I love this shot of my baby with her big gummy smile!

June is starting to get a little more hair on top and it is brown. I love how its all fluffed up like a brilo pad when she wakes up!

No teeth yet.

I'm on top of the woooooooorld!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Biter Biscuit

Mirror Faces

I know...two blogs in one day is unpresidented for me, but I had to add this because I thought it was pretty cute. June has this little mirror music thing that she loves. Recently Jimmy and I noticed the mirror is getting a little warped. Her head is distorted in the mirror and it looks really funny. Jimmy said June probably thinks shes pretty strange looking!

HAppy Birthday Natalie

Sunday was my birthday and we celebrated at Charlotte and Walter's (Grammy and Pa's) house. It really made me feel special that everyone got together for my birthday. I love my family-in-law and feel so close to everyone just like I had always been a part of it! June is so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents, aunts, and uncles!! Here she is with a bow on her head from one of my presents!
My mom and dad came too (Nana and Grandpa) and brought some DELICIOUS treats! Nana made cupcakes just like the ones she used to make when I was little (my favorite) strawberry cupcakes with little candy jelly hearts on top! She also made my favorite strawberry shortcake cake!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Keep me away from these!

June was laughing when Aunt Celine was rubbing noses with her!

June loves when you bite her cheek! Here she is with Aunt Sara!

The girls had a fun little tea party at the "kids table" It was pretty adorable!

June gave her cracker to Phoebe...unintentionally...she can't have crackers yet anyways.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Swing

Today Jimmy put up June's new swing! We bundled up and went out in the cold to try it out! June LOVED it as expected. Here's my little baby swinging teddy bear!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

June laughing

Cooper's Photo Shoot

Yesterday Lindsay and Cooper came over for Cooper's photo shoot! The pictures were adorable and June enjoyed playing with her little friend! These are a few of my favorites.

Cooper- "June you have such beautiful eyes, I want to give you a drooly kiss!"
June- Check out my rainbow bright tights!"

Happy Babies!

Precious boy!!!

Big boy sitting up in his lounge chair!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another day in Juney Land!

Today was a very special day because our first black president was inaugurated! We watched it on tv during class. Today was also wonderful because Juanita brought June up to work and she volunteered in the parent center which is very close to my classroom. I got to see June in between classes which made the day so nice!

Today I tried out my new polarizer for my camera! Its like putting polarized sun glasses on your camera! It makes the skies look really blue and takes out glares. I think I need more practice using it and the sun was already going down when I started. The first three photos were taken with the filter and the last three without.

June loves to run her fingers through the grass like little sifters searching for gold, when a leaf or a stick comes along she clamps down and brings it straight to her mouth! JAckpot!

Fun with Friends!

Yesterday Junie had fun playing with her friend, Audrey! Audrey is 9 months old now. They really just looked at each other and tried to grab whatever they could grab (hair, skin, clothes, binky's, toys) without preference with their little hands.
Here's June and Audrey with their Auntie Natalie Coqk. Natalie teaches them French and takes great care of her "white and asian babies." Saturday we went to help Nat out moving into her dorm room on U of H campus.
June LOVES to be outside. We play in the grass outside everyday.