Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cute faces and fun times

June has so many cute new faces, this is one of my fav's, its the "about to cry signal face"

This is her sleepy look
These last two are new...she opens and closes her mouth and makes these funny noises with it!

I love this one!

Today was a fun day, Here is June eating leaves for the first time...mmmmm

We went to a playdate at Aunt Celine's house and there were lots of babies. From left to right, Ava, Claire, Sophie, Rhien, Cece, Cooper, Ryan, and June-bug (who was asleep when the photos started)

We had lots of fun and the babies were very well behaved. I think they were all very overwhelmed at so many babies under one roof together! June just sat in the bumbo taking it all in and ocasionally grabbing a toy from a passer-by.

June adores Buddy. When she gets fussy, she always gets happy when we throw the ball for Buddy. She likes watching him drop the ball and run and get it. Sometimes he drops it on her all slobbery because he wants HER to throw it! I took Keosha home today. We had a great week together! We painted our nails, watched movies, did arts and crafts, stayed up late, ate papasitos, shopped, played with June, and took lots of pictures...this one is my all time fav! I already miss her!

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