Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend at Beach

Friday night we got to the beach, put babies in their jammies and in bed, and then the single most scary night ever began. Jimmy and I went to bed and at 1am I was awakened by a sound like someone kicking in the door. Jimmy reached for a knife thinking it was a burglar until we heard the palm tree about to come through our window and the wind howling like a tornado. Jimmy went outside and saw that the screen door wasn’t secure and the wind had slammed it against the house, so he secured it. There were 50-60 mpr winds sustained until 6 am. I was in the hallway holding my babies all night as the house swayed as though we were on a boat! I kept thinking something was gonna fly through the window and impale us or something. I couldn’t sleep thinking any second a tornado was gonna rip the roof off and how would I hold both of my babies and keep them safe. I wanted to go home. It finally calmed down and Jimmy and I heard about a few houses in the neaighborhood that really did lose their roofs and one who’s deck flew off into someones house and palm trees that were uprooted! It was a bad storm and freaked everyone out. Thank you Lord for protecting us.

IMG_7231 edit1

Saturday morning I was so excited to get the girls in their swimsuits for the first time and of course I needed a picture. Here is how my photoshoot went…

June-“No!” while trying to push her away, not gently tap her tummy like it looks

me-“June put sissy’s hat down”



me-June, do you want to go to the beach?

June- yes

me-then be nice to sissy and look at mommy for a picture


June-“NO! Sissy go bye-bye, unt down, unt down” (starting to get a whiney squeeky voice)

me-“no, June sissy is not going bye-bye, give the hat back and look at mommy for a picture and mommy will give you a piece of candy”


June then threw the hat at the baby


me-“thats it June you are going to time out”



June-(raises her hand like she’s gonna hit the baby)



crying and crying progressively getting louder as I put the camera down to go put June in time out


time out, lots of screaming, I didn’t get the picture! June cried and after a few minutes of time out, told me she was sorry and KISSED SISSY when of course…..I didn’t have my camera! UUGHH


At least mommy got some cute shots of Shelby Grace while June sat in her time out screaming!

edit3 edit4 edit20

So we finally made it to the beach after an hour of packing food, towels, changing diapers, taking pictures, etc…it takes us a while to do anything when we are at the beach it seems like life just goes in slow motion at the beach which is nice.


Shelby sat in her bouncy and was just a happy like beach girl! IMG_7319

She wasn’t sure what to think of the sand, but liked watching June who LOVED it!


A good portion of my pictures came out like this…overexposed. Seems I forgot to put it on the right exposure before I started clicking away!


We went home and June took a four hour nap! We went bak to the beach later in the afternoon but June got sunscreen in her eye and wasn’t a happy camper. We ended up going back to the house to get ready for bed, eat steaks that Jimmy grilled, and delicious beans and potatoes from Grammy and Pa. The girls went straight to bed.


I woke up Sunday morning at 5:30 and watched this gorgeous sky change colors and the sun peek through and finally rise slowly into the sky! Amazing!


We threw some bread off the balcony and a whole flock of sea gulls crowded the deck for the free buffet! June thoroughly enjoyed the “tweet-tweets”


Phoebe enjoyed chasing the crows away in the yard! This pic is for you, Walter!


Then it was bak to the beach for some more sand throwing and sun bathing


It is just precious how her face lights up when she sees all the sand. When her toes touch it for the first time and she runs as fast as she can straight for the water


Jimmy makes it easy for me. I don’t really like getting all sandy and dirty so he is the one who plays around in the sand and water with June. I just sit, watch and take pictures, and occasionally pick up shells or run around chasing June back and forth up and down the surfedit11 edit9 edit12 edit13 edit17


June likes to this this really cute dance!




and more dancing.


I LOVE shells!



Then we came home for a nap and packe up to come home and get ready for another week! June enjoyed blowing bubbles with Grammy before we left. It was a great weekend with family and fun as always. Sometimes I stop in the moment, wish time could just stop,and thank the Lord for my family because I am so overwhelmed by all God’s blessings.


Friday, April 23, 2010


June's new thing is to play with the "meow-meows" She loves the ferrets and likes to carry them around. They are so gentle and sweet and never try to bite or scratch. It is so amazing! She can carry them upside down and drop them, and squeeze them and they just love the attention. I think she inherited Jimmy and I's love for animals!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Terrible Two's

Dear terrible two's, I want my baby back!! Okay, I thought I was an emotional mess in middle school, but I never dreamed I would deal with the mood swings, the drama, the incoherant emotional meltdowns of a 21 month old! My sweet girl isn't even two yet, and it seems we have already entered the dreaded "terrible two's" Everything is DRAMA! "I want apple" she says, then you give it to her and she throws it at me yelling NOOOOOO...seriously?! Jimmy takes her outside every day to help him in the yard and she throws a fit if she can't hold the hose or if Jimmy has to move the hose and takes it away for five seconds, the screams can be heard for miles. She is usually a good girl, but she will test you till you can't take it anymore and you cave in and give her what she wants because you feel like you will lose your mind from the screaming if you don't, or because she is so dang cute and then the guilt of being at work all day and the misconception that she deserves a "treat" since you just yelled at her for pushing Shelby's swing so high that she almost fell out when she was really only trying to help, and the cycle of terribleness continues!!!

She seems so sweet and happy and then only seconds later without any warning at all....

She schemes up her plan...and then

TOTAL MELTDOWN!! This picture is just the beginning, I had to put the camera down before it got worse!

I love you my sweet June bug! Please grow out of this soon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shelby 3 1/2 months


I cannot believe she is almost 4 months already. She holds her head up really well and likes to sit up with the big girls in her bumbo chair. She likes taking a bath with June now and drinks cereal in her bottle every night. She is always happy and rarely ever cries. She weighs eleven and a half lb and is tall for her age group. She has started laughing recently and is ticklish when you bite her ribs! Love me some Shelby Grace!!

sweetheart IMG_6594 squishy laughinglittlesbaby IMG_6598 copy myangel