Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday we went to see my brother's band, Dremnttheend, play at the Westheimer street festival. June enjoyed seeing all the people and Jimmy got a new pair of shades! Marcus's band sounded great especially when he sang the Billy Jean remix! Then we all went to eat dinner at Freebirds!

My friend Julie came with us!

Here's mom and dad acting silly. My mom was sporting her hot pink leather jacket and trendy scarf!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patrick Josue Rivera Triminio

The proud family!

Smiling already! Happy little baby!

Tonight we took Angie to meet her new brother, Patrick Josue Rivera Triminio! Thank you all who were praying for Pati, she came through everything great and the baby is healthy and precious. He was born yesterday and weighed 7 lb 11 oz. and has lots of hair. He looks just like his daddy! Angie is staying with us and we have been having fun. Last night we painted signs for Pati and today we went to meet the baby! Please continue to pray for Pati as she recovers from her surgery. Thank you Jesus for taking care of this sweet baby and his mommy!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break 2009

We have had so much fun this week on Spring Break. Keke came on Wednesday and I took hr home today. We stopped in Navasota to take some pics in the bluebonnets! I'm glad we went before Aunt Sara telling me about her friend's baby getting bit by a rattlesnake in the bluebonnets which I will be losing sleep over tonight with nightmares. These will be her first AND last pictures in the bluebonnets! Here are some pics from the week. They are not in order, just random.

June loved getting to taste Keke's ice cream cone!

Wednesday Jill picked up Keosha on her way to Houston.Here is June with Auntie Jill watching YoGabbaGabba. Then we went to Jason's Deli for dinner.

Saturday we went to the park to feed the ducks. Here is a shot of me with my new do. I chopped 10 inches of hair to donate to Pantene who takes the hair and makes wigs for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. It takes 6 ponytails to make a wig!

Today June got to meet Joyce and Gary Glasscock. Joyce was my mom away from home when I was student teaching in Calvert. We spent lots of great times together when I was in college including letting me spend Spring Break at her house watching my class eggs hatch into little chicks. We also had early morning garage sale adventures, and laughed about the crazyness of all the wild things that happened in the town called Calvert!

Today I got to meet Keosha's new neice, Ja'raya Mone' She was tiny and precious! She smiled every time I put the camera down but I got to hold her and she talked alot. She is 2 months old.

This is Keosha's nephew Da'Tavion.

On Friday we picked up Angie and went to the mall, then went home to eat grilled hamburgers! Then we went to visit Angie's parents, Pati amd Jose. Please pray for Angie's mom, she is having her baby on Tuesday.We appreciate all of your prayers and know that the Lord will take care of her and her little baby boy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

First trip to the beach

Today was June's first time to the beach!! Mom, keosha,June, and I went to Galveston for the day. Keke is here for the week and we have been having so much fun.

First we went to the Strand and walked around. About one fourth of the shops were open, and we saw some paint on the wall marking the water line from Ike and it was about 8 feet high! Most of the Strand was flooded but they are rebuilding everything.

June enjoyed tasting a variety of sea life treasures including star fish, and conk.

This hat wasn't her type, but I thought it was picture worthy. After we left the Strand we had some Popeyes chicken and headed to East beach.

June loved playing in the sand. When we first put her in the sand she was immediatly excited and started digging.

We also put her feet in the water but it was really cold. We layed on a blanket and soaked up the sun, it was very relaxing!

Mom and Keosha attracted a large group of see gulls with a package of ritz crackers. I got these cool shots of the two of them feeding the birds.

Here is Keosha doing her Michael Jordan jump trying to throw the left over biscuits in the air for the sea gulls!

June loved watching the birds. There were so many of them swooping down all around her.

Here's June and Nana! June got a little grumpy after awhile and she let us know it was time to go! She slept from the minute we put her in the car seat until we returned home.What a fun day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this week in June time

Yesterday we went to the park with June. She loved the ducks but my camera went dead before I could get any shots of her with them.

Here is my little angel

Friday at school we had a shower for one of my student's mom's who is having a baby on Tuesday. Her name is Patty, please pray for her because she has cancer and will be having the baby through a c-section and then having major surgery. We are trusting her in the Lord's care.

June loves to watch the ferrets play while I do laundrey. they like to sneak up behind her and she screams!

Then we had a little photo shoot with Audrey for Easter pics!

On Monday Tho came over with Audrey and June had fun playing with Audrey in the crib and with the toys.