Friday, July 30, 2010

Stay at Home mom (for only two more weeks)


We have had some EARLY mornings lately. June has been awake by 6:30 and Mommy and June have been very sleepy. June has never fallen asleep on the couch before…especially during Nemo!

IMG_4945 copy

June found her bathing suit in her drawer, put it on (backwards and all wonky of course) and brought me a swim diaper yesterday screaming “Mommy I go beach and go simming GO SIMMING NOW MOMMY”   Its hard to take both girls to the pool by myself so we improvise. We borrowed this splash pad from Adriana and the girls LOVED it!

IMG_4949 copy IMG_4951 copy

Shelby is starting to crawl a little bit every day! SCARY

IMG_4963 copy


Am I weird to think this tiny wedgie and leg roll combo is quite possibly the cutest thing EVER!!!!


Leter we played in June’s big girl room. She like taking care of her baby dolls IN their bed.

IMG_4967 IMG_4972  IMG_4980

Below you can see what June does about ten times a day. That is a diaper in her hand. She takes it off, throws it away (sometimes) and then runs around naked. I say “June where is your diaper?” and I get a variety of responses like “ its too hot, mommy” or “it’s dooooty “ (dirty)

and my all time favorite, “ I have cute butt”

I guess mommy needs to keep her thoughts to herself about tooshies!

IMG_4984 IMG_5018 


I try to stop Shelby from crawling as much as possible. I will repostition her, pick her up and sit her on her bottom, or surround her with toys so crawling isn’t possible.

IMG_5021 copy IMG_5022

Last night we went to our friends Joseph and Lisbeth’s ( who recently moved into our neighborhood really close) for dinner. June and Adriana actually played together it was really cute! They would just run around the house screaming!

IMG_5030 IMG_5033

June has been asking for “Adriana” all day today!

IMG_5039 copy

June’s new thing is sink baths. It works because I can do dishes while she entertains herself in the sink.

IMG_5074 IMG_5079

Today I found a GREAT new way to entertain Shelby for a LONG time. I cut an orange into four big slices and froze them. She just sits in her high chair which I move around to wherever I am working like laundry room or kitchen, and she sucks on the frozen orange until its a pulp and never bites off any peices for me to have to worry about her choking. Its fabulous!! We will be having frozen oranges every day now!! She loves getting to hold her own food!!

sis IMG_5071

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Potty

Today was a day to remember in history! June actually went  in the potty today!! She was so proud when she saw it!!


She got a push pop with candy in the stick for a special treat to celebrate her success!!


IMG_4811 IMG_4816 IMG_4808

Shelby got her first taste of popsicle too!! She was thrilled and tried to pull the whole thing in her mouth!

pop pop2

Shelby can get on her knees and rock, she is so close to crawling! She can scoot all over the place though!

IMG_4820 IMG_4827 

We busted out the play-dough for the first time today. I have been putting it off since I knew it was gonna be a huge mess! June did really good though! Nana gave her this beach play-dough set where you make little fish and sand castles. The play-dough actually has sand in it!!

IMG_4839 copy

making a star fish


IMG_4845 copy

“ I cought a fish!”

IMG_4865 IMG_4850 copy

Shelby was a happy camper in the bouncer until I went to wash Junie’s hands and I put her on the floor. When I came back…


She had scooted all the way across the floor to the playdough and pulled everything out of the bucket!!

IMG_4869 copy

June has just recently started talking on the phone. She will bring me the phone and ask me to call someone. Usually either Daddy or Nana. Then she will walk around and talk on the phone, answering questions, and mostly making no sense at all. She says”I love you bye-bye” when she’s done. It’s pretty super cute!!

IMG_4878 copy IMG_4882 copy

Today while I put the dishes away I let June sort the silverware and she DID IT!!! PERFECTLY!! I was so amazed! There wasn’t a single thing out of place! This will be a new daily activity for her!!


Shelby has started going from laying to sitting on her own. She will be sitting when I come to get her after a nap. She was upset tonight when I came to get her, but usually she is really happy and flaps her arms like a bird and squeals and laughs!


June has been very affectionate with Shelby today, which is VERY unusual. They played together in the toy box tonight and June was bringing her toys and hugging and kissing her!

IMG_4895 IMG_4912 IMG_4905

Do you wonder why June is not wearing clothes in most of her pictures? Yes, I do dress my children, but June likes to take her clothes off. If we are just inside by ourselves, I don’t mind. Who doesn’t like chill’n in their undies?

IMG_4900 IMG_4898

Peek-a-boo!! Shelby’s hair is starting to grow a little bit! I am so loving my time with these babies. I cherish EVERY minute!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Keke’s going home tomorrow

Tommorrow I am taking Keke home. She’s been here for two weeks and I have enjoyed every minute. She is always happy doin whatever, and its hard to get out befor 2 or3 with the babies nap schedules! Heres Keosha and I 9 years ago!! What a cutie! June will be her age in this picture in only 2 and a half years! It seems like Keke went from 5 to 14 in the blink of an eye, which makes me want to hold on to June a little tighter.

cuties 14358_102042033152873_100000412311582_54777_5272500_n


June ADORES KEke. I often hear her calling for Keke from her crib when she wakes up! She will REALLY miss her when she leaves! But she’ll be back soon enough! We had a blast planning for June’s party and hanging out, staying up late watching movies, having girl talks, and drinking lots of Frappaccinos! June enjoyed having someone to boss around, and I enjoyed all the help with the babies and how she  spent hours today organizing my SUPER messy closet! I can actually walk in, it’s beautiful!!

 girls lovelies sweetness IMG_4600

Shelby loves it when Keke gives her sink baths!!

sinkbath girly

We LOVE you KEKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_4626 copy