Friday, July 23, 2010

Keke’s going home tomorrow

Tommorrow I am taking Keke home. She’s been here for two weeks and I have enjoyed every minute. She is always happy doin whatever, and its hard to get out befor 2 or3 with the babies nap schedules! Heres Keosha and I 9 years ago!! What a cutie! June will be her age in this picture in only 2 and a half years! It seems like Keke went from 5 to 14 in the blink of an eye, which makes me want to hold on to June a little tighter.

cuties 14358_102042033152873_100000412311582_54777_5272500_n


June ADORES KEke. I often hear her calling for Keke from her crib when she wakes up! She will REALLY miss her when she leaves! But she’ll be back soon enough! We had a blast planning for June’s party and hanging out, staying up late watching movies, having girl talks, and drinking lots of Frappaccinos! June enjoyed having someone to boss around, and I enjoyed all the help with the babies and how she  spent hours today organizing my SUPER messy closet! I can actually walk in, it’s beautiful!!

 girls lovelies sweetness IMG_4600

Shelby loves it when Keke gives her sink baths!!

sinkbath girly

We LOVE you KEKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_4626 copy


Snappedwithlove said...

Ok the last picture made me cry.... :)

Barrow Family said...

We are all super lucky to know Key. She is just such a great, sweet, happy, smart girl. Your girls are lucky to have her!