Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun with Art and Photos!

What a fun two weeks we have had since I updated the blog! Keosha came in town and we have been busy with babies, crafts and photography! We took these pics of June for her Nemo party. We thought the best way to represent her in a Nemo theme was the antagonist fish killer baby, Darla.

darla1 darla2 darla3

Shelby Grace has been happy trying all sorts of new foods! She likes everything and gets very excited when she sees the spoon and food!! She is a messy girl! June would just eat the food, but Shelby puts her hands in it and rubs it all over herself. She gets LOTS of baths!IMG_3731 copy IMG_3723 


June enjoyed painting her salt dough sculptures. I let her sprinkle the glitter herself. What was I thinking?

IMG_3694 IMG_3734 IMG_3686 

Keosha had her friend, Kayla over and they got creative with these t-shirts and splatter paint! They cut the neck to make them super 80’s fresh and made one for Shelby too! June had a blast with the big girls!!

IMG_3879 IMG_3883 IMG_3889 

When the t-shirts were dry we had a super fun photoshoot adventure!

edit13 edit11 mygirls

June was NOT in the mood for pictures AT ALL as you can see. I thought the photos were kind of realistic of Junie when she gets  her little “terrible two’s” attitude!! I LOVE this girl so much!!!

edit1 edit5 edit2

I love having Keosha here. It makes me feel in a way that my family is complete. It melts my heart hearing my baby girls squeal with laughter when Keke is playing with them. They absolutely ADORE her!!!

edit14 edit7 edit8


Look at this beautiful girl!!! Eighth grader!!


My Sheba toast had fun the whole time. I just love this little happy baby!!

edit4 littles

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