Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nemo Party is over, what to do now?

I have had so much fun and anticipation this summer looking forward to the Nemo Birthday party and now that its over, I’m kinda sad. I feel like its the downslide towards school starting now, which I am NOT looking forward to after being spoiled with all this time with my girls!! Here is June the morning after the party with all her new toys watching her new movie from Brooke!


Sara and the babies came over for a little fun and crafts! We made some salt dough sculptures. Salt dough is super cheap and easy to make, just salt flour and water!! It provides hours of entertainment.

IMG_4494 IMG_4495 IMG_4498

The kids stuffed their faces with leftover party fruit,crackers, cupcakes, and pizza while playing!

IMG_4499 IMG_4502

Junie went down for a nap and Claire and Corby painted their cute handprint sculptures, mermaid, and sea horse. We put a hole in the top to put a ribbon and hang on the wall!

IMG_4508 IMG_4512

They turned out super cute and I put mod podge on them to make them shiny.

  IMG_4516 IMG_4574 copy

Keosha made these cool letters for her wall!!

This is the outfit Junie wanted to wear later. Pajamas from Lauren, Scott, and Lil, a “butifoo neckice” and a “pweety” skirt

IMG_4539 copy

She loves this little tea pot from Aunt Debbie, HAnnah and James. She tries to drink out of it and pour tea in my hand or any cup she can find. When you tip it, it makes a sound like tea pouring into a cup, it sings and talks too,its so cool.

IMG_4555 IMG_4545

She really loves playing in her “house”  that Aunt Sara and Barrow fam gave her! She screams, “MOMMYYYY Come IN!!!” all day long

IMG_4564 IMG_4568

Here is our updated kitchen, if you havn’t seen it. We are really enjoying it. It really feels like a new house!

kitchen_edited-1 IMG_4588 copy

Both girls are sleeping now…what should I do? Clean the kitchen? read? nap? blog again?? talk on the phone? take a shower??

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