Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Junie’s Nemo Party

Sunday July 18th my little June turned two years old. I cannot believe it has been two years already!! I love this child so much I cannot even describe it! The day I had her was the closest thing to heaven I have ever experienced. When I held her for the first time and knew that she was mine, I felt overwhelming joy and disbelief that God had given me such  a precious gift! She makes every day the best day of my life! Its like waking up to a continuous Christmas morning with her as my gift! She is my prize in the cereal box of life!! She is crazy cute and super sassy! This was her reaction when she woke up from her nap right before the party and KeKe brought her downstairs to see the Nemo wonderland we had created for the birthday party!!


Pure Delight and wonder!!


We made this “Fish Tank” for the kids to play inside!


We made the schoolof jelly fish with Dori

IMG_4262 IMG_4264

Keosha is the baby whisperer. See how they flock to her like the gulls on Nemo “mine, mine, mine”


Here is Emily and baby Ellie!! She is a month younger than Shelby





We had dominoes pizza, colored goldfish, fruit, veggies with spinach dip, and Jimmy’s homemade tomatillo sauce and queso with chips!! It was delish!

Keosha, my mom, and I, put alot of heart, sweat, and time, into our Nemo cupcake masterpieces!!


My mom made the adorable “2” shirt for the birthday girl




Ramey and Jake


Cousin Corby loves the babies!!

IMG_4315 IMG_4288

Baby time!


Junie’s best boyfriend, Cooper!


Lauren and Lily playing in the fish tank  IMG_4362

June was soooo excited when she finally got to eat one of the cupcakes she had seen us make. She was so excited when everyone gathered around and sang to her! It was a priceless moment!


IMG_4366 IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4379 IMG_4391 IMG_4384

Most of the little kids ate the candy off the top and left the cake behind!


Lindsay,Jim, Cooper, and Camilla


Natalie, and Jocelyn


Mike and Ellie


Grammy and MAwMaw


June LOOOVED opening her presents. Claire helped her out with the job! Thank you to all my family and friends for the sweet thoughtful gifts.

To Mawmaw for the fruit, tables and chairs, and sweet dinero for Junie’s savings!

Thank you Debbie, Sony, Hannah and James for the talking tea pot she has been playing with it nonstop

Thank you Lauren, Scott and Lilly for the adorable dress, jammies, bow and art kit! I cannot wait to put her in her dress!!

Thank you the Saathoff family for the cute tub crayon kit and precious outfit! She is wearing it today and looks sooooooo cute!!

Thank you Smith family for the beach bucket of fun! Junie has likes all her squirty creatures, water bottle, and put the fish stickers all over my arms yesterday. I have now have tiny fish shaped bald spots all over my arms

Thank you Lindsay for the beautiful doll. June loves her!

Thank you mom and dad for ALL of your help!! Thank you for the dora floor mat and playdough kits! June will have so much fun with that!

Thank you Brooke for the adorable monkey backpack, puzzle, and movie that we watched this morning. We have been doing this puzzle over and over, it is beautiful and perfect since she likes animals alot

Thank you Grammy and Pa for the fruit and  for the cool dolphins and generous gift for her savings! We love you

Thank you Elizabeth and the Hibbetts family for Mrs. Potato head! June said to me lasyt night, “ yets pway wit  teeto head mommy!”

Thank you Barrow family for the cool “house”!! Junie LOVES it! She says, “Mommy come in, Keke, come in,” and then when it gets to crowded she says, “HEy GeeT OUT, GeeT OUT!”"

Thank you Celine and Garcia family for coming early to help set up, and the cute talking fish and magnets! we love it! She likes to traumatize Shelby with the fish!

Thank you Alvarados for the real fish! June just pushed a chair over from the table and climbed up to the counter and stuck her hand in the bowl ! Whew, close call!! She LOVES her “Nemo hish”!! Hope he survives my little Darla!!

Thank you Zepadas for the sweet generous  dinero !

Please forgive me if i forgot to mention your gift. i didn’t write them down that was all from memory! Thank you sooooo much for coming out in the rain to Junie’s birthday bash!!


IMG_4413 IMG_4431 IMG_4438 IMG_4447 IMG_4457

Caroline was not a happy camper and they found out that night at the urgent care clinic that she had an ear infection! Poor baby. My little froofroo ( on the right) was a happy girl the whole time though even though she missed her nap!


yook at those yummy yittle yegs!!!!


This is “Missy Foo” in her 2010 summer collection featuring a lavender polkadot number and these fabulous gucci sunglasses which belong to Sophie girl ( a must have for this summer’s fashion)  IMG_4481

We had such a wonderful day and enjoyed all of our friends so much! Thank you again!!!


Barrow Family said...

loved the nemo party!love the pics!love those little baby leggies!!!

Art Project Girl said...

love the real fish tank thing! It is all fabulous!!!!! I hope to go all put like you did:)