Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Week Long Adventure!


This week, Jimmy took off work and we headed off to Galveston on Monday for a week long adventure.  On Tuesday we hung out with Joseph and my future sister in law, Brittany! I wish they could have stayed longer. Hurricane Alex was in the gulf and headed towards south Texas so it was super windy and rainy. The bay was all the way up to the beach house and the waves were HUGE! The weather only got worse Tuesday night and the power went out for a while, so we drove back to Houston on Wednesday for the night.

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It worked out wonderful though because I got to see my great Aunt Catherine from Arizona (my grandmother’s sister). I love her so much and it makes me miss my grandmother so much because they look and act so much alike!


It was so special getting to introduce Shelby and June to her! I wish Mimi could have met them!


Thursday, we played with Catherine again and Nana at the house.


Shelby has this play thing where she can walk around and play with all these little toys. My student, Daniel, gave it to us. She really likes it and gets excited, but her favorite thing is being held. She is reaching out for me here!



Friday, we drove back to Galveston and went to the Strand. We went to one of my all time favorite places, La Kings Confectionery! When we walked in, June’s eyes were so big! She walked up to this huge counter and immediatly picked the brightest thing in the cabinet!


She knew what she wanted right away! “Dis one peez, peeeeeeeez”


“Peez, mommy canny? Canny peez?”

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I think heaven looks alot like La Kings



after about two pieces of candy, she said, “ice ceeem , mommy peeeeeeeez”


sooooo we got some ice cream too. Didn’t have to pull my arm for that!!


Shelby helped me pick the flavor, and those guys in the background were so nice and asked if i could take a picture of them. Yes, they asked! so cute!


Then, we went back and mommy picked out her assortment of candy! Yes, I LOVE candy!! By now June was on a COMPLETE sugar HIGH! Look at her eyes, they were permanently fixed like that till very late that night!

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We had fun driving around Galveston and exploring after the Strand. Then Jimmy cooked Mahi with pineapple and peach salsa, and June devoured it! That is a Huge piece of fish that started out twice that size. June ate it like a giant fish stick! She loves eating fish!


The next morning we got up very early and went to Marjorie’s to go fishing! June was half asleep still.


She mostly enjoyed playing with the bait fish.


She would drop it when it wiggled and watch it flop around gasping for water and just laugh! Didn’t you learn anything from, Nemo, June? You ARE DARLA!


She sat with Daddy for a few casts but after about five minutes, she was so over it!


Shelby Grace just chilled in the bouncy chair trying to climb out the whole time.


June preferred picking flowers to fishing!


She even gave one to sissy without any prompting!!


My sweet June is really growing up. She has been talking so much. You just have to tell her a word once and she remembers it! She loves saying everyone’s name and telling us she loves us! It is a beautiful thing, hearing your child talk to you and tell you sweet things.

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We got a fish game for the week since it was supposed to rain alot. June really loved the fish! I was feeding Shelby when I heard “Fishy hungy, Junie feed fishy”

I looked over and saw this….


Later she dumped an entire box of cereal on the whole game with all the fish and said the same thing about them being hungry and she had to feed them. So cute!!


Later the air conditioner broke and it got REALLY HOT very quickly! We all took cold showers to cool down and the babies hung out in the buff till we were able to fix it thanks to my dad! THANKS Daddy!! We went to Marjorie and Jon’s Saturday night and enjoyed a delicious dinner, fishing and fun. Both of the girls fell asleep in Aunt Marjorie’s arms before we left!


Does it get much cuter than this? I just cannot resist!!

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On the fourth, we took the golf cart to the beach that morning and stayed quite a while.

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This was the first time Shelby really enjoyed the beach. She is 6 months old now and can sit up. She liked digging her hands in the sand and feeling the waves roll over her velvety soft rolly thighs!!


I love tiny baby prune wrinkled toes!! So adorable!!


Here is what June did…..hop around screaming,


dancing and giggling,


chasing waves,


crawling, rolling, and swimming in the water!!


We went to the pool after the beach and then we all took a long nap! The beach makes you sleepy!


Later we made some salt dough sculptures.

IMG_3671 IMG_3668

We baked them on 350 till they were hard as rocks. This is how they turned out. We are going to paint them when we get home.

We could see hundreds of fireworks displays from our balcony last night but Junie was scared and wanted to go inside so we watched Dora instead, what a bummer!!

This morning June woke up super early and came in our room and said”Mommy Daddy wha doin?” I told her we were just laying in bed and I said “What are you doing, June?” and she quickly replied, “ I makin coffee”  and walked off. We were laughing so hard! We are so blessed and had such a great week together. I wish jimmy got more time off, but I really cherish these days! Hope everyone had a fun safe 4th of July.



Barrow Family said...

so precious! I cannot believe how well shelbita can sit up! That is amazing

Brewer Fam said...

#1- I want to go the candy store....
#2- I want to pinch Shelby's Dupa- she is so cute :)
#3 - June is so cute I was to squish her cheeks :)