Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visit to Spring and the Mall

Saturday my brother came in town and Marcus, my mom and I went to Spring to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Hannah is so cute and grown up, she is in ninth grade already! I cannot beleive it. She enjoys collecting carniverous plants, taking care of her pets, and playing sports. James is in seventh grade and I realized later I didn't get any pictures of him because he came home later after going to a birthday party.

Marcus was in town for my mom's birthday and because Brooke was having a Batchlorette party at their house for her sister. We had a great time visiting with him and June loves her Uncle Marcus!

June played in the backyard and LOVED the teatherball! It was exactly her height and hit her in the face every time and she would laugh.

After we played outside, Hannah showed Juney all of her pets. She wasn't too sure about the turtle.

She loved the bunny.

Then she dragged my Aunt back outside for some more teatherball and the slide!

My Uncle tried to entice June with a flashlight, but she was pretty much affraid of him and wouldn't go near him most of the day. I think its the beard, hat ,and glasses she's not used to.

When we got back to Houston, we went to the Mall for a little bit. June picked out some pumpkin spiced candles at the Yankee Candle store and knocked over an entire basket display!

June LOVED Z-Gallery. The paintings are on the ground and she enjoyed walking down the isle critiquing (touching and screaming at) the artwork. I think she has great taste in art already.

She enjoyed playing on all the bed displays and rolling around on the silky pillows

Her new word is "fish" pronounced "fssssshhhhhh" and she recognized this as a fsh and said "fsh fsh fsh fsh" over and over and pointed.

She put her hands in all the fountains and really enjoyed getting herself and me wet.
" One more minute, mommy please"

I am getting really big and Jimmy felt the baby kicking last night, which was special. I am so excited about the Fall and finally getting to play outside with the weather cooling down. We are looking forward to my mom's birthday, Wed. and Aunt Sara's Friday and everyone all four more this month that we will celebrate together Saturday! Jimmy will be 30 on Halloween!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jammies Day

Sunday we had a Jammies day because Jimmy and I weren't feeling so good. I hope we aren't getting the stomach virus again. June wakes up around 6:30 and gets in bed with us where she crawls around and bothers us and hits us until one of us gets up to play with her. Yesterday we put her on the floor and this is what she did...

First she opened the windows...can you see how blue the sky was!!
...then hide and go seek...

picked dust off the window seal and talked about it...

did some yoga stretching...

talked back or negotiated with her very voice inflected babbling about why she couldn't play with mommy's nice necklace instead of her plastic necklaces, notice the eyebrow...

walked in and out of the room and laughed at herself...

Then Tho stopped by and we put a shirt on and played with Audrey!

The girls loved the stairs so we went up and played in June's room

where they made a HUGE mess!!!

June wasn't real big on sharing her toys...

Then it was bathtime and back in jammies again!!

June rode her scooter around for awhile,

Then we read her favorite bedtime story!

or SHE read it to herself...she is very independant now and wants to do things alone.

She always gets excited when she finds the mirror at the end! I am so blessed to have this little angel, and I want her to know how special she is to her Creator God who made her! Every day is new and fun I just treasure these moments with her especially when I think about how busy I'm gonna be when the baby gets here, but I know the Lord will provide the strength to manage. We are so in love with our June bug, it's hard to imagine having enough love for two!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today Jimmy and June and I took advantage of the nice weather and took June bug to the zoo. Her favorite thing right now is fish. She says "ffffsssshhhhh" It was fun seeing her walk around and explore now that she is walking.

Jimmy loves to carry June and tell her about all the animals. He's such a zoo dad. He points them out when she can't find them and she gets excited when she sees it.

This was the first exibit June could walk though by herself. The windows were just her height and the animals just seemed to come right up to her. She got very excited about this little bird.

I always get pooped on in the rain forest exibit where the bird fly free around you, I was lucky today though, but very much on the lookout. Last time a got a big splatter on my shouder and one bomb straight in the cup holder of the stroller!!

June liked the petting zoo however....

What can I say besides, sad! This poor goat was more pregnant than me, lying on the groud all twisted up and hot. She just looked broken and so pathetic. I wanted to tell the kids to leave her alone. Even June didn't know what to think!

Jimmy really had to check her vitals to make sure she was alive because she wasn't moving at all!!

The prairie dogs were so stinkin cute!!

June loved being able to walk wherever she wanted to go. She really loves the freedom in walking. She has no concept of following us though, so she just cruizes off.

Here's Junie last time we went to the zoo a year ago. She has grown so much!

Here she is now! We had so much fun today! I did realize how pregnant I am when I had to stop for so many breaks. By 1:30 I could barely walk and we had to call it a day. I'm 6 months now and looking about 91/2! Still trying to think of a name. SUGGESTIONS welcome!?!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Nana and Grandpa COMING HOME!!!

Today my parents "Nana and Grandpa" came home from France/Scotland/London!! I was very excited to see them since it feels like they've been gone forever! June adorned herself with every necklace she could find including a yoyo string and a camera cord. The headband only lasted a few minutes before it became a choker necklace too.

June was ready to go and moving quickly to get to the airport!

Hurry it's time to go!!

We drove to Intercontinental Airport and luckily June didn't scream for the entire 45 minute trip! She hates being in the car seat now.

When we got there, obviously you can see who they were most excited to see!!!

June was very excited to see them and show off how good she walks now! She can also point to her nose and ear, say fish, Buddy, and Daddy, but of course not "Momma"

Nana and Grandpa brougt us all sorts of wonderful treats!! June wanted to wear my new scarf from Scotland with her super cute new hat! She looks like she's ready to go study abroad!

Nana also brought her this adorable Scottish bear in a kilt and playing a bag pipe which June loved!

June was really the most interested in the shortbread cookies though.

She just couldn't get enough of these cookies, we eventually had to hide all the cookies and chocolate.

Junie loves her grandpa!!

I am so glad they are home and made it back safely! I got to look at some awesome pictures and see how my dad elbowed his way through a thick crowd of tourists to get a photo of the Mona Lisa for me at the Louvre! They also showed me a video of the Eifel Tower at night..sooooo awesome, it lights up and twinkles every hour on the hour with 20,000 spotlights blinking!