Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grammy's house and fashionable bananas

Last weekend we went to Grammy and Pa's for LAbor Day Bbq. It's always fun getting all the cousins together and now that all three girls are walking, it's alot different but very fun! I love this pic of Celine and Soph!

Nothing like a pallet of blankets and illows, a bottle of chocolate milk and the Little Mermaid!!

Maw-Maw is trying to teach June to wear a bow here. She does not like anything on her head (headbands,bows,hats) even though I try after hearing people call her a "cute lil fella" all the time.

The kid's new thing to do is "Ring around the Rosie" which I cringe to think of the morbid meaning of this song and wonder why it still exists. June deosn't like holding hands with anyone, I don't blame her in not wanting to join hands in a balad of the the black plague!!

Claire has become much more friendly to June since the body slamming incident at the beach. Sophie and Claire like to go around giving hugs and then clapping at themselves.

June and I wore our matching Aggie shirts to support the team!

Her new thing is necklaces. She goes through my drawers until she finds a necklace, then places it in your hand and cries until you put it on her. She will wear as many as she can find all day long and gets upset when you take them off for naptime. You can see here she also enjoys wearing bannana.

After the banana, she helped daddy sweap the floor!!

She was so proud of herself!

Here, Daddy, I'll take care of that!

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