Friday, September 4, 2009

Crazy Week!!

This has been one of the craziest weeks since June was born.

Monday -June came home, took a nap, and woke up totally inconsolable. You can see the look on her face below. She continued to cry and cry until we put her to bed. At 2 she woke up and puked for two hours, took a bath then we were able to get her back to sleep.

Tuesday-Jimmy takes off work in the morning to take June to the doctor. Dr. says its a stomach virus. June is acting a little better so Jimmy takes her to babysitter and goes to work. Babysitter calls and says she is still sick and not eating or playing and crying alot.I take her home and she goes to bed early

Wednesday-I go to the Dr. and get to see Babygirly's face so cute(be sure to check the post below this one to see the pics)Jimmy comes home from work sick. June is feeling better so I take care of both of them UNTIL.....10:00..this is when the night from hell began. All I can say is that I cannot remember being this sick in my entire life.

Thursday-6am Juanita and Jesus come and pick up June...Jimmy and I look like we have been through a tornado..Praise God for Juanita! 8:00 Jimmy sees someone breaking in to the neighbor behind us house, calls cops, burglar caught. Stayed in bed all day in total misery!

This is what our diet consisted of for 2 days..oh yeah and tylenol, immodium, and antinausia meds! Juanita kept June overnight so we could sleep and recoup.

Friday-12:00 picked up June from Juanitas 3:00 had ADT burglar alarm system installed and activated in our house. Feeling MUCH MUCH better! I couldn't have made it through without my sweet husband who took care of us, and stocked us up on meds and gatoraid each day!!

Here's June feeling all better,no pants (as usual)standing in Daddy's shoes.

June is walking all over the place and it is so cute to see her little wobbly stiff leg walk. She hardly bends her knees.

Praise the Lord everyone is back to normal and ready for the three day weekend WOOHOO!

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