Monday, September 14, 2009

Nana and Grandpa COMING HOME!!!

Today my parents "Nana and Grandpa" came home from France/Scotland/London!! I was very excited to see them since it feels like they've been gone forever! June adorned herself with every necklace she could find including a yoyo string and a camera cord. The headband only lasted a few minutes before it became a choker necklace too.

June was ready to go and moving quickly to get to the airport!

Hurry it's time to go!!

We drove to Intercontinental Airport and luckily June didn't scream for the entire 45 minute trip! She hates being in the car seat now.

When we got there, obviously you can see who they were most excited to see!!!

June was very excited to see them and show off how good she walks now! She can also point to her nose and ear, say fish, Buddy, and Daddy, but of course not "Momma"

Nana and Grandpa brougt us all sorts of wonderful treats!! June wanted to wear my new scarf from Scotland with her super cute new hat! She looks like she's ready to go study abroad!

Nana also brought her this adorable Scottish bear in a kilt and playing a bag pipe which June loved!

June was really the most interested in the shortbread cookies though.

She just couldn't get enough of these cookies, we eventually had to hide all the cookies and chocolate.

Junie loves her grandpa!!

I am so glad they are home and made it back safely! I got to look at some awesome pictures and see how my dad elbowed his way through a thick crowd of tourists to get a photo of the Mona Lisa for me at the Louvre! They also showed me a video of the Eifel Tower at night..sooooo awesome, it lights up and twinkles every hour on the hour with 20,000 spotlights blinking!

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