Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Visit to Spring and the Mall

Saturday my brother came in town and Marcus, my mom and I went to Spring to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. Hannah is so cute and grown up, she is in ninth grade already! I cannot beleive it. She enjoys collecting carniverous plants, taking care of her pets, and playing sports. James is in seventh grade and I realized later I didn't get any pictures of him because he came home later after going to a birthday party.

Marcus was in town for my mom's birthday and because Brooke was having a Batchlorette party at their house for her sister. We had a great time visiting with him and June loves her Uncle Marcus!

June played in the backyard and LOVED the teatherball! It was exactly her height and hit her in the face every time and she would laugh.

After we played outside, Hannah showed Juney all of her pets. She wasn't too sure about the turtle.

She loved the bunny.

Then she dragged my Aunt back outside for some more teatherball and the slide!

My Uncle tried to entice June with a flashlight, but she was pretty much affraid of him and wouldn't go near him most of the day. I think its the beard, hat ,and glasses she's not used to.

When we got back to Houston, we went to the Mall for a little bit. June picked out some pumpkin spiced candles at the Yankee Candle store and knocked over an entire basket display!

June LOVED Z-Gallery. The paintings are on the ground and she enjoyed walking down the isle critiquing (touching and screaming at) the artwork. I think she has great taste in art already.

She enjoyed playing on all the bed displays and rolling around on the silky pillows

Her new word is "fish" pronounced "fssssshhhhhh" and she recognized this as a fsh and said "fsh fsh fsh fsh" over and over and pointed.

She put her hands in all the fountains and really enjoyed getting herself and me wet.
" One more minute, mommy please"

I am getting really big and Jimmy felt the baby kicking last night, which was special. I am so excited about the Fall and finally getting to play outside with the weather cooling down. We are looking forward to my mom's birthday, Wed. and Aunt Sara's Friday and everyone all four more this month that we will celebrate together Saturday! Jimmy will be 30 on Halloween!!!

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