Saturday, September 19, 2009


Today Jimmy and June and I took advantage of the nice weather and took June bug to the zoo. Her favorite thing right now is fish. She says "ffffsssshhhhh" It was fun seeing her walk around and explore now that she is walking.

Jimmy loves to carry June and tell her about all the animals. He's such a zoo dad. He points them out when she can't find them and she gets excited when she sees it.

This was the first exibit June could walk though by herself. The windows were just her height and the animals just seemed to come right up to her. She got very excited about this little bird.

I always get pooped on in the rain forest exibit where the bird fly free around you, I was lucky today though, but very much on the lookout. Last time a got a big splatter on my shouder and one bomb straight in the cup holder of the stroller!!

June liked the petting zoo however....

What can I say besides, sad! This poor goat was more pregnant than me, lying on the groud all twisted up and hot. She just looked broken and so pathetic. I wanted to tell the kids to leave her alone. Even June didn't know what to think!

Jimmy really had to check her vitals to make sure she was alive because she wasn't moving at all!!

The prairie dogs were so stinkin cute!!

June loved being able to walk wherever she wanted to go. She really loves the freedom in walking. She has no concept of following us though, so she just cruizes off.

Here's Junie last time we went to the zoo a year ago. She has grown so much!

Here she is now! We had so much fun today! I did realize how pregnant I am when I had to stop for so many breaks. By 1:30 I could barely walk and we had to call it a day. I'm 6 months now and looking about 91/2! Still trying to think of a name. SUGGESTIONS welcome!?!

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