Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Girl!

Here are the latest pics of baby girl! I think she kind of looks like me, but kind of like June too. She is 23 weeks and one pound 3 ounces! The ultrasound technician said everything looks good and that all the parts are in the right place. We are getting excited. She is moving in my belly alot now and her little kicks can be felt on the outside now. Jimmy was able to feel her for the first time last week which was very special. She seems to be more active than June was.

Here are her adorable little feet!

HEr legs are sticking straight up in front of her face!

She is puckering her lips here! Please leave comments of name ideas, we cannot decide on a name, but here are the ones we like so far...Callie, Ruthie, Lydia, Charlotte, and Grace.


Barrow Family said...

i like charlotte and callie...she is so cute! i think she is going to be "active" like claire....

|*Keosha La'Teia*| said...

What about Kaitlyn Marie..?
I Think that is just great.!
-Keosha cant wait to see you again.

Anonymous said...

I like Charlotte and ruthie.