Friday, March 20, 2009

First trip to the beach

Today was June's first time to the beach!! Mom, keosha,June, and I went to Galveston for the day. Keke is here for the week and we have been having so much fun.

First we went to the Strand and walked around. About one fourth of the shops were open, and we saw some paint on the wall marking the water line from Ike and it was about 8 feet high! Most of the Strand was flooded but they are rebuilding everything.

June enjoyed tasting a variety of sea life treasures including star fish, and conk.

This hat wasn't her type, but I thought it was picture worthy. After we left the Strand we had some Popeyes chicken and headed to East beach.

June loved playing in the sand. When we first put her in the sand she was immediatly excited and started digging.

We also put her feet in the water but it was really cold. We layed on a blanket and soaked up the sun, it was very relaxing!

Mom and Keosha attracted a large group of see gulls with a package of ritz crackers. I got these cool shots of the two of them feeding the birds.

Here is Keosha doing her Michael Jordan jump trying to throw the left over biscuits in the air for the sea gulls!

June loved watching the birds. There were so many of them swooping down all around her.

Here's June and Nana! June got a little grumpy after awhile and she let us know it was time to go! She slept from the minute we put her in the car seat until we returned home.What a fun day!

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UltimateTeacher said...

You know if you had a snuggie for june-bug she would be even more cuter. Looks like you guys had a blast at the beach. Hopefully we get together again soon....adriana had a blast with june bug.