Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Night at Grammy and Pa's

Last night we went to Grammy and Pa's for dinner. The kids had so much fun. Charlotte bought the girls these matching outfits and they looked so cute!

After a night of fun all the kids took a bath in Grammy's garage in this giant industrial sink! June was upset at first but them ended up having fun.
It was so cute and such a great idea. I'm sure they will never want to bathe inside again after the fun bath!


Brewer Fam said...

OMG! I just bought those outfits for my girls! LOL! So cute

yoongihee said...

hey nat! i love your photos! i had a monchichi too! oh, and i love junie's rainbow brite tights...her room is really cute...and i love the pic of her on her swing with the bear outfit...i like that you put a bow on the bear's ear!!!