Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Terrible Two's

Dear terrible two's, I want my baby back!! Okay, I thought I was an emotional mess in middle school, but I never dreamed I would deal with the mood swings, the drama, the incoherant emotional meltdowns of a 21 month old! My sweet girl isn't even two yet, and it seems we have already entered the dreaded "terrible two's" Everything is DRAMA! "I want apple" she says, then you give it to her and she throws it at me yelling NOOOOOO...seriously?! Jimmy takes her outside every day to help him in the yard and she throws a fit if she can't hold the hose or if Jimmy has to move the hose and takes it away for five seconds, the screams can be heard for miles. She is usually a good girl, but she will test you till you can't take it anymore and you cave in and give her what she wants because you feel like you will lose your mind from the screaming if you don't, or because she is so dang cute and then the guilt of being at work all day and the misconception that she deserves a "treat" since you just yelled at her for pushing Shelby's swing so high that she almost fell out when she was really only trying to help, and the cycle of terribleness continues!!!

She seems so sweet and happy and then only seconds later without any warning at all....

She schemes up her plan...and then

TOTAL MELTDOWN!! This picture is just the beginning, I had to put the camera down before it got worse!

I love you my sweet June bug! Please grow out of this soon!

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