Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shelby 3 1/2 months


I cannot believe she is almost 4 months already. She holds her head up really well and likes to sit up with the big girls in her bumbo chair. She likes taking a bath with June now and drinks cereal in her bottle every night. She is always happy and rarely ever cries. She weighs eleven and a half lb and is tall for her age group. She has started laughing recently and is ticklish when you bite her ribs! Love me some Shelby Grace!!

sweetheart IMG_6594 squishy laughinglittlesbaby IMG_6598 copy myangel


Barrow Family said...

so precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her

|*Keosha La'Teia*| said...

I Miss Her ah tone;
Still today I wish I could wake up and hear junneyy callingg my name over and ove;
keke keke keke;
where keke go?
ah love yall