Sunday, January 11, 2009

June's favorites

Today June did her favorite things, eat, sleep, see Nana, and play with Buddy her constant companion all day long.

Here's a list of June's favorite things.....mommy and daddy, Nanna, Grammy, Juanita, BUDDY, silky blanket, naps, milk, sweet potatoes, and nakedness, and BUDDY. Buddy is constantly following me around and anywhere June is, there Buddy is also. He is never far from her side and loves laying beside her even when she is pulling his hair.He sleeps by her crib when she naps. June watches him and laughs alot...I can just see her climbing on his back one day. We got Buddy when June was 6 weeks old and he is the best dog ever. He is a living Teddy Bear. He is not much of a gaurd dog, but he makes me feel safe. He's a good ol' boy. He is one of June's favorite things.


Anonymous said...

These are fabulous pics!!! Cute baby, adorable dog and beautiful Nana!!! These videos are soooooooooo cute!!! I love seeing Buddy licking Junie!!! This is better than going to the movies!!

Love, Nana :)

Cote de Texas said...

you say he's not a guard dog, but I suspect he would be if needed - for June. he sounds like a perfect dog for June! she is soo adorable!!!