Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another day in Juney Land!

Today was a very special day because our first black president was inaugurated! We watched it on tv during class. Today was also wonderful because Juanita brought June up to work and she volunteered in the parent center which is very close to my classroom. I got to see June in between classes which made the day so nice!

Today I tried out my new polarizer for my camera! Its like putting polarized sun glasses on your camera! It makes the skies look really blue and takes out glares. I think I need more practice using it and the sun was already going down when I started. The first three photos were taken with the filter and the last three without.

June loves to run her fingers through the grass like little sifters searching for gold, when a leaf or a stick comes along she clamps down and brings it straight to her mouth! JAckpot!

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