Saturday, January 31, 2009

June's first creative marks!

Today Jimmy and I went to an art Gallery to see my friend's art show. June enjoyed the art and thus gave me the idea to let June experience painting for the first time! Tonight June made her first creative marks! I am not sure if June will be artistic, but she definatly got excited about painting! When she gets excited she holds her arms out and does these short loud breaths kind of like a dog panting, and smiles really big. She was doing that the whole time! First, we tried the brush but she couldn't hold it well. Then, we printed her little hands and feet on the canvas. Then since she wasn't putting her hands in her mouth, we just let her go wild with her hands on the canvas!

She liked the colors and opening and closing her little fingers on the canvas!

I love this picture, she is so focused on her creation!

Here is the proud artist displaying her work! Celine, you can't compliment on how clean that high chair is now!

June also made creative marks on her thighs and diaper

I can't beleive how fabulous my feet look in blue paint, I don't even recognize them

Then into the tub she went, June's bath water left a creation of its own on our tub, but it was really worth it for the fun we had!!


Barrow Family said...

That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Seriously!!! She is so flipping cute and looks so happy!!!

Snappedwithlove said...

This is adorable. Are you going to frame her creation??

McKay said...

Love it!!!

Cote de Texas said...

Aw! so cute!!! A little Picasso!