Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Last night we went to Sara and Chris's for New Year's Eve. It was fun and Pa grilled hamburgers. We ate black eyed peas and Keosha and I made cornbread and brownies!

I love this picture of the girls, it looks like June is saying, "Hey Claire, look at those cute boys over there, do you think they are looking at this fashionista flower bow on my head?" and Claire is saying, " No silly they are totally checking out my trendy fluffy vest, your multiple thighs are looking really good though!"
June: "What you look'n at Willis!?!"

Claire: "I really need to have your bow now, you are getting way too much attention and you need to remember that I am the Queen Bee Clairebee, and I need my proper respects, plus you are way too happy right now,June!"

Claire was on the move tonight! Look at her run across the yard in her warmzer suit!

Keosha and I set off lots of fireworks, here she is lighting a smoke bomb!

I kept wondering why my pictures were smoky and realized I was still holding the punk!

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Barrow Family said...

I just laughed out loud at your commentary. They are so cute together! We had a lot of fun last night!!!