Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa’s Farm Pics and Hotel ZaZa

This weekend Spring Branch hosted a free for kids Farm experience with Santa! June REALLY loves animals so it was perfect wonder and delight!  First we pet the cows while we waited for Daddy to get there.

farm2 farm1 farm6

They screamed in excitement as the cow approached and licked their hands

farm3 farm4 farm5

I thought they were pretty cute too!


June loved the pigs and told everyone around her “Hey, thats a pig!” ….next lesson…don’t talk to strangers


She made a Christmas ornament craft with LOTS of glitter

And pet the bunnies in the petting zoo

IMG_0638 IMG_0637

And the sheep and goats. It was very nostalgic for me because I raised a lamb at this farm when I was in high school. His name was Kirby. We gave him to the Rodeo petting zoo. It was a great experience but lots of hard work. I hope June will do FFA when she gets older.

IMG_0634 IMG_0629

Whenever I try to get pictures of the girls it is a total disaster. Shelby barfed all over her outfit and by the time I got her changed, she was crying and rubbing her eyes to go to sleep. So, June took pics by herself. Most of the pics include Kermit. Just something she carried around all day that particular day for some reason.

babygirl babygirl3 babygirl2 kermit babygirl4

Saturday I took pictures for an 80th birthday party for Laurens granddad C.A.  at the Hotel ZaZA! It was alot of fun. There was a four course meal and dancing. I was moved to tears listening to over 15 toasts to this man and what a lasting impact he has had on so many people’s lives.   What a wonderful incredibly sweet family!!

birthday18  birthday12 






Heather and Charly


Not too old to party, that is for sure!!!!


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