Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Baby's First Christmas

Here's June in her Christmas dress. June had the cutest dress and bow and stockings and tiny black shoes. I had been waiting to take these pictures until I had every detail of her outfit and our first Christmas tree up! What is it about babies that make taking pictures such an ordeal! First, she was happy.....
loving every minute and smiling...I could just post this and let it be...the perfect Christmas portrait, but the reality was, right when I put her in the chair she made a poo in her pants, then I couldn't get her to stop reaching for the ornaments,...
after dancing around singing and trying to get the cute shots above, things were going downhill fast, an ornament fell and broke but i just swept the peices aside and kept taking the pics, Buddy wanted to be in the pic so I kept having to push him out of the way, her hand got caught in the garland and that made her pretty upset, not to mention the ornaments that were flying off as she was flailing her little arms around trying to get the garland off.....

Finally June had had enough and the last few pictures looked something like this...at least we got a few cute shots but was it all worth it? Yes

Christmas with Waggenspack's

On Christmas Eve, we went to Grammy and Pa (Jimmy's parents) and I forgot my camera but we had a wonderful time and ate lots of delicious food! Christmas morning, June and I were up very early!(6:30) Jimmy was up around 9 and we went to Grammy and Pa's house again at 10.

When we got there Corbin was playing with his ten million peice play-dough set and was not about other people touching it, he let us make snakes after a while though and we played outside while the babies slept.

June woke up for a little while and even let Aunt Sara hold her! then fell back asleep for a little Christmas nap.

Sophie woke up and joined the fun and then we had a delicious breakfast consisting of chocolate milk, pumpkin bread, sausage, ham, pie, cake, and kolatches....mmmmmmmm

June was not quite ready to wake up when we got yet so she slept through some more pre-christmas morning festivities

This was Sara's gift from me, a painting of Claire to match the one of Corby in his Aggie suit at the same age!

And heres the Sophie girl next to her painting!

June was awake in time for presents of course, and enjoyed playing with ribbons and....

eating the paper MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with Federman's

Christmas Day we went to Nana and Grandpa's house for the Federman Christmas! Mom cooked a ham with potatoes, corn casserole, green beans, jello salad, and bread. It was delicious!! Jill and Mr. HAmeyer, and Marcus and Brook were there. It was so hectic that I didn't have time to take very many pics, Heres MY christmas gift with a bow on its head!
Here's Aunt Brooke

Here' the bug with Auntie Jill!

Auntie Jill and weekend fun!

This weekend, Jill came over and spent two days with me! She spent the night Friday night and stayed all day Saturday. We were sad because June was being a bad girl and cried sometimes when Jill tried to hold her :-(
Buddy was so happy to get lots of needed attention from Jill! Here he is trying to make out with her!
Heres June and I looking out the window in the morning wondering what we are going to do today. Jill caught this shot. I am really loving my time at home with June over the break!

We have found that June loves to ride around in the laundry basket! We pull her around and she loves it. Today she rode around upstairs with her babies!! Look at the rolls on those thighs, they give her a nice cushioned ride!

Fun times with Keosha, Lydia, and Natalie

Saturday, Jill and I went to pick up Keosha in Navasota. We went to church then to the mall to hit up the sales. Today we picked up two girls in my Sunday school class, Lydia and Natalie, and the girls had a blast all day making Christmas gifts for their friends inspired by my Christmas gift from Sara which you can see at www.couturebowtique.com

these are Keosha's masterpeices

This was Lydia's decopage name plaque...

And here's the girls gallery debut of their creations!

sha from

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby Dedication

Today was the baby dedication at church. We were so proud to introduce her to the church and everyone prayed for her. There were 16 babies dedicated today and we made a vow to pray for her every day. Nana and Grammy, Aunt Sara and Aunt Celine, and cousin Claire all came out to see the dedication and also vow to always pray for her.
Look at Claire reading the program!

After church we went to Hokaido for sushi! Grandpa gave June a sucker and she LOVED it and drooled all over her nice dress.

June loves her Nana and Grandpa!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

So cute!

June is so ready for Christmas. I will remember this post because today it was so hot that June had to be naked most of the morning. Christmas is in 5 days and I am wearing a t-shirt,shorts, and flip flops. June is 5 months old now! She is drooling alot and wants to put everything in her mouth. Tommorrow she is getting dedicated at church. What a blessing she is, my little June Louise!

Christmas with the Gutierez's

Today I took Karla and Jessica to the mall to get their picture taken to surprise Juanita! The pictures were so beautiful and we had such a fun time. Here is Juanita and Jessica with June. She opened her present from them and loved the wrapping paper! They gave her a sweet sleepr, adorable doll and some toy keys with tiny picture frames that I already put pictures in.

June LOVES Juanita. She enjoyed eating the paper for a good thirty minutes!

June also loves Jesus, Juanita's husband, they came over today and Jimmy grilled burgers for us.

Karla and Jessica with June bug!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping and Sweet Potatoes

Tonight June finally found something she really likes! SWEET POTATOES! June ate the whole jar and probably would have eaten more. She was talking and giggling and really enjoying herself, it was so cute.

Yesterday after school I went to a gift exchange for our monthly art teachers meeting. I got the mother of all gift exchange gifts! A homemade ceramic flower pot with feet that have weird toes. How many times do you leave one of these things wishing you would have gotten the gift you gave. How many times do you end up with the dream catcher earrings or the cute gift card with a remaining balance, or a garden tool when you don't have a yard? Well I had to suffer a very awkward moment when I stole this from the girl who got it first and had to pry it out of her hands. The lady who gave it, made it herself, cast it, glazed it, fired it! Its my favorite thing EVER!!! I LOVE IT! I took a picture with June to scale!

Last night, after my meeting, June got all bundled up to go with mom and I to do some last minute Christmas shopping! June was up till 9:30 shopping and loved every minute. She definatly does not take after me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas fun at Aunt Sara and Uncle Chris's

We had so much fun at Aunt Sara's yesterday!

Yesterday I went to Sara and Chris's to make Christmas ornaments with June's cousins Corbin and Claire. We had so much fun with paint, glitter, stickers, beads, you name it. Corbin enjoyed drawing,painting, glueing, and stringing beads.

These are the wonderful finished products. One is a nutcracker, then two snowmen, and a painting masterpeice which Corbin helped put on the tree later!

Aunt Sara watched June while we played crafts, but she was sad because June seems to cry whenever she picks her up. She calmed down after Sara took off her pants and put her in Claire's high chair.

Claire: "Hi June, why don't you come down here and play with me~tug tug~"

June: "If you pull me off this chair I will slobber all over your head"

June posed in her new Christmas bow in front of the tree for a few good shots. I like how she waves with her foot!

After a certain amount of cookies, paint,glitter, and chocolate, things started to go downhill a little, and you could tell craft time was over when Corbin wanted to take Claire to bed..

Claire is starting to walk and Corbin is always ready to help her along a little bit....then sometimes drop her!

Speaking of dropping, that is exactly what happened to Corbins fun soaked pants after awhile. NAKED TIME!! "One more Chritmas cookie mommy, I know they're up here!!"

After all the fun and June was dreaming of sugar plum fairies in her carseat, Jimmy and I went to see the most fabulous light display ever. I mean this guy had the lights to the very top of these huge trees and every inch of his house AND garage covered with lights. There were twenty people in his front yard and he was serving cocoa!!