Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas fun at Aunt Sara and Uncle Chris's

We had so much fun at Aunt Sara's yesterday!

Yesterday I went to Sara and Chris's to make Christmas ornaments with June's cousins Corbin and Claire. We had so much fun with paint, glitter, stickers, beads, you name it. Corbin enjoyed drawing,painting, glueing, and stringing beads.

These are the wonderful finished products. One is a nutcracker, then two snowmen, and a painting masterpeice which Corbin helped put on the tree later!

Aunt Sara watched June while we played crafts, but she was sad because June seems to cry whenever she picks her up. She calmed down after Sara took off her pants and put her in Claire's high chair.

Claire: "Hi June, why don't you come down here and play with me~tug tug~"

June: "If you pull me off this chair I will slobber all over your head"

June posed in her new Christmas bow in front of the tree for a few good shots. I like how she waves with her foot!

After a certain amount of cookies, paint,glitter, and chocolate, things started to go downhill a little, and you could tell craft time was over when Corbin wanted to take Claire to bed..

Claire is starting to walk and Corbin is always ready to help her along a little bit....then sometimes drop her!

Speaking of dropping, that is exactly what happened to Corbins fun soaked pants after awhile. NAKED TIME!! "One more Chritmas cookie mommy, I know they're up here!!"

After all the fun and June was dreaming of sugar plum fairies in her carseat, Jimmy and I went to see the most fabulous light display ever. I mean this guy had the lights to the very top of these huge trees and every inch of his house AND garage covered with lights. There were twenty people in his front yard and he was serving cocoa!!


Cote de Texas said...

Hi Natalie - It's Joni, Lisa's friend. June bug is the cutest little thing ever!!!! I loved that video of her eating. !!!

Did you ever see the movie June Bug? It was one of my favorites!!

have a very very Merry Merry!!!

McKay said...

Hey Natalie! By the way, I like reading your blog too!

I've tagged you if you want to play