Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shopping and Sweet Potatoes

Tonight June finally found something she really likes! SWEET POTATOES! June ate the whole jar and probably would have eaten more. She was talking and giggling and really enjoying herself, it was so cute.

Yesterday after school I went to a gift exchange for our monthly art teachers meeting. I got the mother of all gift exchange gifts! A homemade ceramic flower pot with feet that have weird toes. How many times do you leave one of these things wishing you would have gotten the gift you gave. How many times do you end up with the dream catcher earrings or the cute gift card with a remaining balance, or a garden tool when you don't have a yard? Well I had to suffer a very awkward moment when I stole this from the girl who got it first and had to pry it out of her hands. The lady who gave it, made it herself, cast it, glazed it, fired it! Its my favorite thing EVER!!! I LOVE IT! I took a picture with June to scale!

Last night, after my meeting, June got all bundled up to go with mom and I to do some last minute Christmas shopping! June was up till 9:30 shopping and loved every minute. She definatly does not take after me.


Brewer Fam said...

Oh wow-- She is adorable!! What a Sweetie!

Anonymous said...

June Bunny-Happy 5 months!!! You are the most beautiful angel I have ever seen! I'm glad you like to shop!!
Love--Aunt Lisa

UltimateTeacher said...

I love her bunny outfit...That looks like something a mom would buy. I don't see Jimmy walking into a store and buying that outfit.