Monday, December 8, 2008

Grampa Daycare

You've heard of Daddy Daycare, but what about grandpa daycare? Today mommy woke up with a bad cold: the prescription....2 hours at grandpa daycare on Del Monte street!

Thank you, June for crying almost the entire time I was at the doctor before you wore yourself out and went to sleep. Grandpa changed your diaper AND tried to feed you! Mommy worried about you today because you didn't want to eat and fussed all day.

Taking care of a baby while being sick...not fun.

Taking care of a baby while you're both sick...torture!

Thank goodness daddy made us some matzo ball soup when we got home to make mommy feel all better!!

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Barrow Family said...

Nat- bummer you are sick!!! I hope you feel better!! Junie Tunes is so cute!!! As soon as my crew is all better we need to have the kiddos play! Hopefully Claire will be feeling better soon!!!