Monday, December 29, 2008

Auntie Jill and weekend fun!

This weekend, Jill came over and spent two days with me! She spent the night Friday night and stayed all day Saturday. We were sad because June was being a bad girl and cried sometimes when Jill tried to hold her :-(
Buddy was so happy to get lots of needed attention from Jill! Here he is trying to make out with her!
Heres June and I looking out the window in the morning wondering what we are going to do today. Jill caught this shot. I am really loving my time at home with June over the break!

We have found that June loves to ride around in the laundry basket! We pull her around and she loves it. Today she rode around upstairs with her babies!! Look at the rolls on those thighs, they give her a nice cushioned ride!

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