Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas with Waggenspack's

On Christmas Eve, we went to Grammy and Pa (Jimmy's parents) and I forgot my camera but we had a wonderful time and ate lots of delicious food! Christmas morning, June and I were up very early!(6:30) Jimmy was up around 9 and we went to Grammy and Pa's house again at 10.

When we got there Corbin was playing with his ten million peice play-dough set and was not about other people touching it, he let us make snakes after a while though and we played outside while the babies slept.

June woke up for a little while and even let Aunt Sara hold her! then fell back asleep for a little Christmas nap.

Sophie woke up and joined the fun and then we had a delicious breakfast consisting of chocolate milk, pumpkin bread, sausage, ham, pie, cake, and kolatches....mmmmmmmm

June was not quite ready to wake up when we got yet so she slept through some more pre-christmas morning festivities

This was Sara's gift from me, a painting of Claire to match the one of Corby in his Aggie suit at the same age!

And heres the Sophie girl next to her painting!

June was awake in time for presents of course, and enjoyed playing with ribbons and....

eating the paper MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!

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Anonymous said...

How much fun that June has cousins to play with on X-mas! The portraits you made are so good. You are so talented Natalie!! I hope June inherits your many gifts!