Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby Dedication

Today was the baby dedication at church. We were so proud to introduce her to the church and everyone prayed for her. There were 16 babies dedicated today and we made a vow to pray for her every day. Nana and Grammy, Aunt Sara and Aunt Celine, and cousin Claire all came out to see the dedication and also vow to always pray for her.
Look at Claire reading the program!

After church we went to Hokaido for sushi! Grandpa gave June a sucker and she LOVED it and drooled all over her nice dress.

June loves her Nana and Grandpa!


Brewer Fam said...

Love the Hairbow ;)

UltimateTeacher said...

Congratulations for Junie!!!! It looks like everything went well. Adriana well have hers in January...although i'm not exactly sure when (that's a mommy question).