Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keosha's Cheer Competition....Disaster

Saturday we went to Keoshas National Cheer competition at the Reliant Arena. At first everything was going great other than June thinking the music was too loud, then...

Keosha landed from a jump and hurt her knee really bad. She was on the ground and crying (the girl is tough so I knew she was hurting to see her crying. The worst thing was that I didn't even see her since my eyes were in the camera and everyone kept dancing and just left her there crying. You can see her on the left side of the picture on the ground. This picture BREAKS MY HEART!!

The dr. at the competition said she hyperextended her knee-cap. Luckily she was able to limp out and nothing was broken. She was pretty upset and in alot of pain though.

I was so proud of my Keke. I have been mentoring this child since she was 4 years old, and she has grown up to be such a sweet mature young lady who loves the Lord, is extremely motivated to succeed, and has compassion for others. She was more upset that she had let down her team than she was about her extremely painful leg injury. She is in 7th grade and plays every sport AND plays the flute in the band(first chair) AND cheerleading! On top of that she makes all A's and is in all pre-AP classes earning credits towards high school. I have to brag on this girl because she really works hard to be the best at everything she does. She is the star of her basketball team, and even has high school coaches watching her play who want her on their team!!! She has been in the newspaper for Bryan/College Station many times for scoring over 20 points in a game. I love her so much and my heart swells with pride like she were my own daughter.

Beautiful girl!! (inside and out)

When we were leaving there was this lady with a cage full of these tiny baby goats that you could pet and hold. They were so cute and June loved them!

June was running around everywhere and Jimmy just chased after her the whole time. She was showing off her dance moves to the cheerleaders! She was like "Oh yeah you can cheer but can you drop it like its hot?!"

We love you Keke!!!!


yoongihee said...

i'm so proud of keosha.

Brewer Fam said...

Awwww Keosha is growing up to be such a gorgeous young lady!!! That pic of June plugging her ears is priceless

McKay said...

Great to see pics of Keosha! She's so grown up! and I love it - "drop it like it's hot?"