Sunday, February 7, 2010

Precious Moments with my girls

I love mornings with my girls. June really likes glasses, and one morning we had some fun with all different kinds of glasses. June likes to wake up and watch cartoons in Shelby’s bassinet while I feed her every morning. Then we go downstairs and eat Cherios every morning. This week I tried to get her to eat eggs (which she hates) and came up with a genius idea…sprinkles. If I put sprinkles on something and call it “cake”….she eats it!! She ate refried beans cake and enchilada cake tonight for the first time ever!! IMG_1625 I love this pic of Shelbygogirl My little silly girl loves to put things in the toilet. I have gotten several new toothbrushes this week as a result of that. Our couch has lots of static! I love static hair!static IMG_1628 I always get busy with June and come back to Shelby and see something like this. Today she had hairbow band blinders when I came in the room. IMG_1819 June gives face smush kisses. She just presses her little face against Shelby’s and kind of shakes it. Shelby gets magic sprinkles too sometimes from these kiss sessions. June likes to put a purse on her shoulder and walk around saying bye-bye.

IMG_1856   IMG_2118 Yesterday we went to Claire’s second birthday at Pump it Up. June loved playing in the jump-jumps with Daddy. I hosted a baby shower for Melissa and had a photo shoot so I was kind of late. It was a big day. IMG_2110 IMG_2124 IMG_2138 IMG_2133 IMG_2129

I cannot believe Shelby is one month old!!! She will actually be six weeks old tommorrow!!! It has gone by soooo fast!! She is SUCH a good baby and is really growing. She can hold her head up and look around already. This is her one month picture.

1month 4weeks IMG_1860

IMG_1699 glasses edit3 Here are a few pics from the Quincienera we went to yesterday for Nathaly. edit4 Nathaly and her brother, Gilbertedit5

The service was very nice and the priest gave a very nice talk about how NAthaly needed to be responsible now that she isn’t a child anymore. He told her about how her life fit together like the cloth on her beautiful dress is sewn together if she makes good desisions on what she aught to do and not just what she wants to do. He said that just as a seamstress needs a pattern to make a dress, we need a pattern to show us how to make decisions and that pattern is Jesus and the Bible. He said Jesus is God showing us how to be humans. He gave her a ring to remember these things.edit maria2 This is my friend Maria. She looked so beautiful in her fancy dress and new hair do and make-up!IMG_2159 Jocey and her friends were adorable!

IMG_2279  Nathaly had some synchronized dances that were pretty cute then she danced with her dad and whoever wanted to dance with her. I love this pic of her and Jose. It took alot of pushing to get him out there. He doesn’t like to dance, but he did a great job!   It was a beautiful party and Maria and Jose worked so hard for soooooo very long to make it a special day for NAthaly! IMG_2328

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