Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines and Last Days with my girls

beans June has been choosing her food lately. They say that toddlers should have choices. June chose ranch style beans and cherios. At least she got her protein.

boogerbaby edit1

Tuesday, Elizabeth brought her two adorable sweeties over for a photoshoot. It made me realize I need to get a babysitter during photoshoots from now on. I used to just schedule them while June was asleep…never again.

edit12edit14 edit8 IMG_2930 girls

June likes to put Shelby in her baby doll stroller and push her around! Shelby LOVES this surprisingly.


When June realized Shelby was getting attention from this (the camera) she was done. You can see her walking away and leaving her in the kitchen!

IMG_2804 IMG_2807

June doesn’t like photo shoots now. I was only able to make her smile after I took out the puppets and made them eat my hair.


Yesterday Huong and Caleb came over for a little playdate. June was really shy until Caleb started touching her toys…then she showed him who was boss in this house!

huong caleb

Tuesday I am returning to work. I am really going to miss my mornings with the girls. I am very blessed though because my mom recently quit her job so that she could come to my house and watch the girls!! They are going to miss me, but LOOOOVE their time with Nana. Shelby has been a little fussy lately because she has some reflux. We are going to the doctor this morning. Other than that she is doing good, growing and happy. Doesn’t she have the cutest pouty face!!


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