Saturday, February 13, 2010

All Smiles

wow TWO BLOGS in ONE day, this is unprecedented!! I have been at home most of the day with the babies, just enjoying our Saturday in pajamas.

This morning we bought a new kitchen table….I love it! table


Shelby Grace is FULL of smiles and she makes the cutest little coo’s when she is happy!! Here are a few smiles I caught on camera!!




Whenever June is near, this is her reaction. It is so stinkin cute to see how she watches June and smiles. June was telling her “No, mine!” in this picture, but Shelbs was just smiling and talking away like a 10 yr old at a slumber party! It is reeeaaallly sweet!

shelby3 shelby1 IMG_2649 IMG_2650 IMG_2750 punkijune IMG_2740


Today Grammy brought everyone a Valentine gift! June got a princess purse with a dress and some candy. what is better than a purse full of candy!!?

IMG_2744 IMG_2729

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|*Keosha La'Teia*| said...

Ha, its like I already know Shelby! I call for her and juney ALMOST everyday. But, yes i love that picture of juneytoots pushing her around then leaving. Thats soooo funny.