Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Shelby Grace Waggenspack

Monday I went to the doctor and found out i was dialated and leaking fluid! I was sentimmediatly to the hospital at around 3:30. I got my epidural and continued to dialate quickly. My water was broken and Shelby Grace was born at 10:54 weighing 8lb 1oz.

The past eight days since she was born have gone by SO FAST!! She is such a good baby and hardly ever cries! Jimmy and I are in heaven with our two little girlies!

My Love!!

Here is Shelby in her coming home dress from Grammy!

Everyone came over on New Years Eve and the girls were very curious about Shelby and why was Grammy holding her.

June likes to help feed the baby a "baba" but then she tries to drink it and we have to make her a "baba" too or she gets very upset.

Then June fed her "baba" to her Cabbage Patch baby. It was really ute and June even used a wipe as a burp cloth! Tonight Nana watched both girls while we went to meet their new cousin Caroline at the hospital. Sara had her tonight in an emergency c-section but baby and mommy are doing great!

I feel so blessed and so content. This has been the best week ever!

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