Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mom of two!

This week was a milestone for me as a mom. My mom went back to work and I had the girls alone for the first time. It was really chaotic and fun. I am completlely exhausted! June is such a sweet baby girl, and she keeps me very busy. Shelby is also a very good girl and sleeps most of the day still/ June is 18 months now and learning so much. She wants to sleep with mommy and daddy because she sees Shelby in our room. She has been very cuddly lately. I tried to take pictures of them together but June wasn't into that. She didn't want anything to do with Shelby!

Today was my first time to take both of my girlies out! We went to visit Sara and Grammy. Shelby looks so giant next to baby Caroline even though they are only eight days apart and Caroline was only 2 weeks early. Caroline is so precious and tiny like a doll.

June had to get a shot at Shely's two week appointment so she got a baby doll as a prize from mommy and daddy. She LOVES this doll and takes her everywhere. She likes to do what mommy does, so her baby gets diaper changes and has dried milk all over her face from June taking Shelby's bottles and trying to feed them to her. She was laughing at Elmo here, she loves Sesame Street! I like it too...

I am in heaven taking care of my two angels! It is so much fun getting to see them every morning even when I am dead tired from all the night time feedings. I am blessed beyond words.

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yoongihee said...

nat! junie and shelby are so cute. i know shelby is your mini-me. :-)