Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fun Girls Day

This morning we woke up and as I fed my Shelby Grace, June decided to feed herself some Formula. I thought it was pretty funny so I took a few pics, she eats everything. Then Sara called and told us to come over. We went straight there in our pajamas, ate some pancakes, and had a fun girls play day! June ended up naked after covering her jammies in syrup. The girls played while Sara and I had some much needed adult contact. It is really fun that we are both on maternity leave.

Claire loving on tiny girl Caroline!

Claire is totally consumed with Caroline. She wants to be all over her 24/7!! She wants to kiss her and put her sunglasses on her and lets just say she REALLY loves her sissy!!

Okay I am so in love with this baby!! She makes me smile even when I am dead tired at 4am and she is so awake and happy that it seems she cannot keep the excitement inside her. She breathes really fast and makes these sniffing noises with her arms flying around everywhere and looks right at me and smiles. My heart melts into a puddle and I have to make-out with her for awhile. Kisses sweetness,my adorable Shelby Grace!!

Shelby wasn't too excited about her bath

But she was totally into the warm after party. She looks like a little newbornMother Teresa contemplating on bringing warm towels to babies in a third world country.

She has really tiny hands!


Forget the door, havn't you ever seen Dukes of Hazard?!

"June I'm gonna tell you a little're feet stink. I'm gonna help everyone out and get those socks off you so we can all breathe a little easier around here,k"

"June, this is how you pat the baby's head. I will teach you how to be a big sister, learn from the pro!"

Claire- "I have everything under control here. I am the big sis...just sit back and relax everyone"

Who needs toys when we can entertain ourselves with a laundry and out, in and out

My beautiful niece, Claire Charlotte!

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