Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's all about June

This week I have really felt exhausted with the pregnancy. I can barely walk when I come home from work and that is when my awesome husband helps me so much. My mom came over tonight to get June and give me a break! She also helps soooooooo much!

I tried to get some pics of June in her costume but she kept messing up her hair,pulling off the bow, the straps wouldn't stay on, the tights are too big, and she wanted a cookie and whined the whole time

My little bee! She just makes me smile all the time! I love that bee!!

June discovered this unusually low light switch in our living room and ever since she found it, we have light, now we don't, light, no light,light,no light.......theres no stoppin her!

She is OBSESSED with books. She will bring you a book and want to get in your lap and then have you read it to her over and over. Her favorite book is this little Halloween book I got at the dollar store and Goodnight Moon.

My students made these little 3-d haunted houses this week and they have been really excited about their projects.

Here are some videos of June doing her little dance. Usually she gets this little arm swing going,but not today. My mom got her these squeaky shoes that she LOVES and she does these cute dances with her feet when I put them on her. You can hear them squeaking in the second video!