Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Pics of Baby Girl

Today I got these new pics of baby no name yet girlie! She was moving alot and we were able to see her little face a few times. I know these ultrasounds seem a little creepy with all the stuff around her floating in the womb, but it was really priceless to get a glimpse of her. She is 30 weeks and weighs 3lb 12 oz sooooo tiny!

In the below pic she is grabbing her foot which was up against her face. You can see her profile and her little nose in the bottom right pressed against her knee. Any name ideas?

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|*Keosha La'Teia*| said...

Kaylyn Grace or Kaitlyn Grcae;
is pretty;
or I was thing of Autum;but Autumn Grace dont sound right;