Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Fun with the Cousins

Last night Aunt Sara, Unle Chris, and Aunt Celine came over for some Fall fun! First we had a photo shoot in their Halloween costumes you can see them on Then we decorated pumpkins and ate pizza! We had sooo much fun!!

Claire's pumpkin didn't have a face, but it it DID have three eyes, hair, and a giant glitter heart, BEAUTY!!!
Let the decorating BEGIN!! First, the babies emptied all the bags of puff balls and goobly eyes on the floor, then took off the tops to ALL the markers and paint pens, then scribbled their own individual and expressive, creative marks over all the punkins!

June was just overwhelemed by the whole experience. She was mesmerized by the glitter on her hands. She stared at her glitter hands for quite a while.

Intense concentration went into the production of their masterpeices!

Corbin made a Batman pumpkin. He loves to paint.

Sophie gave her pumpkin antennae!

Celine and sweet Sophie!

Here's Aunt Sara probably restraining June from eating more glitter!

We had so much fun and can't wait to get together again for pumpkin CARVING!! It is always special when we can get the kids together to play. They all got in their jammies after punkins, ate cookies, and played so well together until way past their bedtimes, wired on lolipops and chocolate.

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