Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall decor and October Birthdays

Saturday we celebrated all the October Birthdays at Grammy and Pa's house!
Happy Birthday Maw Maw!!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Sara!!!
Happy Birthday Uncle Chris!!!

Happy Birthday Uncle Joseph!!!! Here's Jimmy's brother ,Joseph and his fiance, Britney. And last but not least Jimmy who's birthday is on Halloween!

This was the most delicious German chocolate cake EVER! Thanks, Grammy for the yummy cake. We also had fried shrimp, scalloped potatoes, and salad! mmmmmmmmm

Claire can sing the entire Happy Birthday song and she sang it several times. Corbin and Claire brew out the candles (Corbin was holding his chin as to be careful not to spit all over the cake)

Sunday, my mom came over to help me decorate for Fall! We had so much fun and made a trip to the dollar store for flower foam and June picked out this blue hair. She had on her cute Halloween shirt but, it was covered in candy corn drool which explains her attire, or lack there of. June LOVES my mom, "Nana" and throws a screaming fit whenever she leaves! Here is the beginning of the meltdown.
She gets pretty sad.....

...but she gets over it pretty quick!

It didn't take her long to find the candy bowl!

I was very proud of my flower arrangement!

Here's a few more decorations! We cannot wait for our first Fall weather weekend as the temp begins to drop as we speak!!!! I LOVE THE FALL!!!

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