Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Saturday was Halloween and Jimmy's birthday. We celebrated Jimmy's birthday at Sara's annual Halloween party. We had a Texas Sheet cake for Jimmy and tons of sweets and pizza.

June really like trick or treating! She totally got the concept down after a few houses; walk up to the door (pushing anyone who comes in front of her our of the way, drop the bag,knock on the door, grab candy out of the bowl, put it in the bag, snatch the bag back from daddy,and run to the next house!
Jimmy would carry her across the street, and set her down and off she would run up to the door!

We tried to get a group pic of all the cousins with Grammy and Pa but.....this was the result.

There was a black cat pinata that the kids got to bang on with a broom, before the big kids came and busted it! Sophie was the cutest princess Leigha EVER!

Happy 30th Birthday to my sweet husband! I love you so much, Jimmy!!! Your two baby girls love you too!!

Here's Daddy kickin back a cold birthday brew, while June makes a bee line for the cooler!

June playing with her friend Kaylyn

June and her friend Cooper went around picking up random food and capri sun drinks that weren't their's off the kid tables. June kept finding peices of broken cookies and soggy cheeto puffs on the ground and trying to eat them!

This was her favorite toy of the night

There were so many adorable sweet treats!

Aunt Celine made these cookies and they were soooooo good!!

June buuuugg! 5 seconds before she squeezed the entire thing all over herself!!

Friday night we went to the Fall festival at my school! June had fun seeing all the kids dressed up and playing some games!

Juanita, June's babysitter, and her husband Jesus volunteered ALL day long. June REALLY likes Jesus and was crying for him to hold her!

June loves her Juanita!
and Jessica too!

I wanna go over there!!

This was my face painting booth and I was lucky enough to get lots of volunteers to help so I could leave early after being there since 6:30am

The kids had a pumpkin decorating contest and June was the "judge" She touched all of them and took a few pom pom ball souveneers.

Can I keep one? I will cry really loud if you say no!
Here are some videos of June bug trick or treating. You can see she had alot of fun!

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